Yorkshire – Classic Challenge Pewter, Tin and Zinc Individuals

Congratulations to Alex, Amelia, Annabel, Aubree, Ava, Bobbie, Daisy, Dania, Ebony, Edana, Eden Rose, Elizabeth, Ellie Rose, Ellie-May, Enya, Esma, Evie, Halle, Holli, Isla, Jessica, Katie-Leigh, Lacie, Leah, Lilly, Lilly-Mae, Lydia, Magdalena, Monika, Niamh, Reese, Scarlett S, Scarlett W, Sophie, and Sydney, who were all amazing at this weekend Yorkshire WA Gymnastics Classic Challenge Pewter, Tin and Zinc individuals.

We are super proud of you all❤️ You all performed brilliantly and showed such support for each other.


Pewter 2014

Ebony W - Vault - 1st

Tin 2015

Bobbie W – Floor - 2nd

Tin 2012+

Scarlett W – Floor - 2nd, All Around - 5th

Holli W – All Around - 7th

Zinc 2014

Enya I – All Around - 7th

Esma P – Bars - 2nd

Zinc 2012

Sydney R – Vault - 1st

Zinc 2011

Alex S – All Around - 10th

Zinc 2010

Elizabeth F – All Around - 5th

Edana B – All Around - 6th

Zinc 2009+

Katie-Leigh T – All Around - 8th