Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

For 5 years old and upwards.
Gymnasts train on all 4 apparatus, being Floor, Beam, Vault and Asymmetric Bars..

What is

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is a beautiful type of gymnastics to be involved in and an Olympic sport.

By being involved, you will get to discover four separate apparatus, with each one needing a different routine which will be packed full of elegant moves that will show case your skill, strength, and body control.

One moment you are upside down, spinning around a bar metres off the ground, with the next exhibiting perfect balance along a beam, no wider than the length of an iPhone ...

Female artistic gymnasts compete on vault, bars, beam and floor.


The floor exercise is performed on a 12m x 12m sprung surface covered in carpet. The floor exercise allows the gymnast their moment in the spotlight and is considered by many to be the most expressive piece of women’s apparatus. The routine is always performed to music and combines dance movements and sequences with a variety of tumbling and acrobatic elements


The beam is 5 metres long, 10cm wide (no wider than the length of an iphone) and 1.25 metres from the floor. A beam routine is an exercise in precision with no room for error, with the Gymnast preforming an artistic combination of acrobatic elements, gymnastic leaps, jumps and turns.

Uneven Bars

The uneven bars lower bar is around 170cm in height and the high bar often around 250cm, with a maximum distance of 180cm between them. Swinging and continuous movements are required on this apparatus. Routines on this apparatus includes movements with turns, movements in different directions, release and re-catch and changes from high bar to low bar and low to high.


Each vault is awarded a value according to its difficulty. Gymnasts approach the vault from a 25metre run, transfer their speed to the springboard and seek a quick hand placement to the table. From here the gymnast uses internal spring to launch themselves vertically for a combination of somersaults and twists. The height, length and accuracy of the vault are of crucial importance together with a controlled landing.

National, Development and Regional Squads

Girls for these squads are selected by experienced Coaches.

The girls are chosen because they demonstrate natural physical requirements and potential.

Once in this squad the gymnasts follow a training programme designed to improve flexibility, strength and coordination which will allow them to develop their skills to compete at Local, Regional and National competitions.

Regular attendance is very important for gymnasts in these squads.

Women's artistic is a beautiful type of gymnastics to be involved in

Competition Squads (Level 7 to Level 5)

These squads are for selected gymnasts who wish to work towards taking part in competitions.

Gymnastics is a demanding sport and squad members and their families need to realise that entry into a squad requires enormous commitment.

In order to be successful a squad gymnast will need to attend regularly, be committed to their training programme and develop a high level of self-discipline.

Is Your Daughter Ready To Become A Women'S Artistic Gymnast?

Most gymnasts start their journey with us in our Gymnastics for All program, which are 1 hour per week sessions. 


Please see our Gymnastics for All page for further details of how to apply and waiting list process