Annual General Meeting – 19 July 2022

To all Members of Aspire Gymnastics Club

TAKE NOTICE that Aspire Gymnastics Club will hold our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 19th July, 2022 at 6pm.

At the meeting you will be invited to lodge your vote regarding the appointment of Committee members in connection with the current structure of the Club.   There is, however, a rider to this.   You may be aware from the last AGM that it was proposed that the current structure of the Club (an unincorporated constituted organisation)  be changed to that of a Limited Company.

It was said at the last AGM that the Company would have to be set up in such a way so that it is eligible for CASC* status and it would be "not for profit" with profits being reinvested into the club and it will be accessible to everybody to take part.   Steps have been taken over the last year with this aim in mind and it is possible that we will be at the stage of having obtained CASC and therefore of being able to ask for your vote to transfer all assets to the Limited Company, enabling the structure change to go ahead.   We therefore formally give notice of this.

Further information will be sent to you before the AGM.

It is planned that the evening will include demonstrations/displays of gymnastics and that the participating gymnasts will enjoy an exciting event.

The Committee of Aspire Gymnastics Club.