Information for our members


We are pleased to now be able to confirm that following a COVID-19 Risk Assessment being completed and putting in place a number of new protocols (so we are able to open safely and to help minimise any risk of COVID-19 infection, keeping to the Government and British Gymnastics guidance, including social distancing), we will be starting our phased reopening of the Club from Monday 12th April 2021.

Our phased reopening will start with our Competition Groups, Gymnastics for All and Trampolining sessions.

Emails will be issued to our member’s closure to their reopening date, to provide them with important information, as we have had to make changes to our sessions and timetable, to ensure social distancing and allow time for cleaning between sessions.

To help our members, we have put together a Membership Reopening Information pack and short video (links below), which provide important information of how the club intends to reopen safely, including details of our new health and safety processes that have been put in place to help support the safe return our of members and staff.

We have now been preparing for our reopening for several weeks, during which time we have completed the following steps to ensure the safety of our members and staff:

  • Fire safety checks, which includes checking the fire alarm, fire safety equipment, and emergency lighting
  • A complete deep clean of the building, including completely emptying and cleaning the sponge pit
  • Scheduling a flush out of our water systems 24 hours before reopening, to ensure compliance to regulations
  • Equipment checks – due to it not having been used since the club has been closed.
  • The creation of social distancing guidelines and practices within the club, as they will be in place for some time to come. (The Club will continually check and review the latest Government and British Gymnastics guidance, and make changes where needed, which could include changes to number of gymnasts within sessions, entry and exit systems)
  • Heating system checks
  • Staff training on new procedures, including taking into account that our staff will not have coached for several months, so we can help our members back into training.
  • Put all new protocols and processes in writing, so we are able to show that we have implemented Government and British Gymnastics guidance



The Membership reopening information pack provides details of the clubs general guidelines agreed to enable the reopening of our club and building following the COVID-19 Epidemic lockdown.
We can confirm that the information pack does not supersede any laws or local government decisions in our local area.
The club does and will always follow the health and sanitation guideline set out by our governments, both local and national.
The document is meant as a guide for our member and will be updated and adapted to suit the clubs operations as and when Government and British Gymnastics guidelines change.



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